Palfique Universal Flow (Medium)


3.0g per syringe

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– Direct anterior and posterior restorations.
– Cavity base or liner.
– Blocking out cavity undercuts before fabrications indirect restorations.
– Repair porcelain/ composite.

1. Excellent esthetic properties
– Wide color matching and blending.
– High polish ability.
– High gloss retention
2. Excellent physical-mechanical properties
– High strength.
– Minimal polymerization shrinkage.
– Straining resistance.
3. Excellent handling properties
– Three flowability properties.
– Short curing time.
– Minimal shade shift through curing.

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Palfique Universal Flow (Medium)

A1, A2, A3, A3.5, A4, A5, OPA2, OPA3, OPA4, CE, BW, B3


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